A History Of Quality

Made to order. 

When you choose American Woodmark Cabinetry for your kitchen or bath, you are getting great products at a great price.

Meet Our People
Say hello to the faces behind your new cabinets. We’re proud to build you the best cabinets for your remodeling dreams. We take great care to deliver to you the highest levels of quality, service and selection.

We Care About Quality. . . and Much More
To ensure the lasting value of your new kitchen or bath, we manufacture your cabinets in the United States where we provide local jobs as well as control quality, materials, performance and delivery. Our cabinetry meets the rigorous strength, quality and performance standards set by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA). We also meet their standards for environmentally responsible manufacturing. All sound reasons to feel good about your new cabinetry.

35 years at The Home Depot
With a sales force dedicated exclusively to The Home Depot, we are one of their original partners. Our long collaboration means a streamlined, low-hassle process for you.