5 Ways to Bring Color to Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Though white has timeless appeal, there’s no need to shy away from color when designing your new kitchen or bathroom. Color brings personality, vibrancy, and visual interest to spaces that tend to just blend in otherwise. Here are five ways you can look beyond vanilla and use color to make your kitchen or bathroom just a little bit more you.


Create a colorful backdrop with cabinetry

Whites, grays and beiges are the foundation colors for a farmhouse kitchen. There is room to play within the palette though, especially when you mix and match. Here, using textured drift cabinet doors adds great dimension to the space. Pairing it with a painted linen island makes the space pop.

Reading Duraform® Drift and Painted Harbor
Reading Duraform® Drift and Painted Harbor

Here, Painted Boulder adds a sophisticated look to this bathroom. Keeping the vanity and the wall painted in the same color makes the wall look taller and the space feel bigger.

Del Ray Painted Boulder
Del Ray Painted Boulder

In general, gray is a fantastic neutral color. It blends beautifully with a range of earth tones, and feels very modern.

We’re seeing a lot of black this year, especially in kitchens. But we love the toned-down version with espresso cabinetry. It’s edgy, yet versatile, and pairs perfectly with everything. It works especially well here because the dark cabinetry is beautifully balanced by the white walls and countertops.

Shorebrook Painted Linen
Shorebrook Painted Linen

Use a colorful backsplash

The dark painted vertical shiplap makes for an intimate yet cozy atmosphere. It’s perfectly balanced with the lighter vanity and the mix of metals.

Blending wood tones in a backsplash is a great way to introduce color. This artfully layered, rustic style kitchen makes full use of texture-rich materials. The touch of gray complements the rich wood tones, and works well with the other warm neutral colors.

Here, the rich blue tones of the tile ground the space and allow the gold accents to really pop. Also, a full height backsplash is an easy way to add interest to a neutral space. Install the tile all the way up for a dramatic look that just won’t quit.

Look beyond white for your wall color

White is calming and neutral. But when paired with this glossy aqua blue, it creates a real “wow” moment in an otherwise completely streamlined space. Consider unique ways to create a fun statement that isn’t overpowering. Choosing a bold color for the soffit not only adds visual interest; it also makes the crisp white of the cabinetry pop.

Having red as an anchor brings a sultry feel to this kitchen. Believed to stimulate the appetite, this spicy hue is striking and bold. If you’re searching for a warm paint color with a lot of personality, red is the way to go.

Opt for a colorful appliance to accent your space

Think beyond white, black, and stainless steel for appliances. This lavender blue range adds a pop of personality, and is unexpected in this mostly-white kitchen. This kitchen is so much more interesting and playful with this mint green refrigerator. It’s unexpected and fun. An ink blue range adds a punch of color in an otherwise white kitchen. Plus, it creates a stunning focal point in this refined coastal kitchen.

Use pops of color strategically

A pop of yellow never fails to cheer up a room, and these bright yellow stools bring high attention with a sense of originality. Using pops of color gives you endless flexibility. Instead of committing to a color for the long haul, just swap out the stools when you are ready for a change.

Though this space isn’t technically a kitchen, we loved the idea of using color as an accent inside cabinetry. What a perfect backdrop for showing off cherished accessories and finds from travels.

Consider unexpected ways to incorporate colorful hues into your kitchen to create a look that is as interesting as it is cheerful. Here, a coral pink wall is accented with bright and color artwork. It makes it feel like you’re on vacation all year long. 

Reading Duraform® Drift and Painted Harbor
Reading Duraform® Drift and Painted Harbor