How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

Have you caught yourself walking into your about-to-be-remodeled kitchen and belting out, “At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side…”? Don’t fret. You actually WILL survive your kitchen remodel! Or, as the song says, “As long as I know how to love plan, I know I’ll stay alive.”

5 Ways to Bring Color to Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Though white has timeless appeal, there’s no need to shy away from color when designing your new kitchen or bathroom. Color brings personality, vibrancy, and visual interest to spaces that tend to just blend in otherwise. Here are five ways you can look beyond vanilla and use color to make your kitchen or bathroom just a little bit more you.


Anatomy of a Kitchen Style

You’ve probably heard words like transitional or modern tossed around a lot. These design and decorating styles are helpful for grouping types of cabinets, fixtures, and finishes. If you know that you gravitate toward modern, for example, focusing on the collections tagged as modern helps you winnow down your choices. In that way, understanding the different kinds of kitchen styles helps you avoid feeling overwhelmed.


How Woodmark Cabinetry Works for Any Stage of Life

Do you love your home so much that you want to live there forever? Though your style will evolve and your needs will change over time, our cabinets and organizational accessories can help you make the most of your space at any stage of your life. By anticipating the next stages of your life and building them into your plan, you can ensure your remodeling project will not only serve your needs today, but age smartly as your family and lifestyle changes with the decades.