Decorative Accents

Pull it all together with moldings

Moldings give your cabinets and overall space a finished look. They provide more than an architectural accent; they define the attitude of your space and complete your look.

Woodmark has a variety of moldings to fit any style. Whether you’re accenting a contemporary space, looking for a more traditional feel, or are into a vintage French style, we have it — and everything in between.

Work with your Home Depot kitchen designer to find the perfect molding detail for your space.



Accessorize with American Woodmark’s expanded line of decorative accessories. This range of functional and stylish details can take the look of any living space to a whole new level. This inspired decorative accents collection is meant to match several Woodmark door styles and finishes but can also be mixed and matched to create many unique styles.


Combined separate molding pieces create “molding buildups.” Different combinations create many different looks, so work with your designer to create a molding build up that works perfectly in your space.