Choosing the Right Hardware Style and Finish

Before selecting your hardware it’s important that you understand the options available.  Knobs, Pulls, and Back-Mount Tab Pulls are the three main categories of hardware. We offer a variety of hardware options to fit every style.

Types of Hardware

Knobs are generally smaller than pulls and can be used for both door and drawer front applications. There are a wide range of styles so you can create looks from contemporary to traditional. Knobs are typically the most cost-effective piece of hardware and offer the easiest installation as they require only one drill hole and screw.

Pulls are larger than knobs and have a more linear look. Pulls have become a very popular choice for both doors and drawer applications.   They are a little more expensive than knobs but are a more pronounced look.

Back-Mount Tab Pulls are the perfect choice of hardware for those who aren’t looking to make a statement and have a cleaner look in their space. Tab pulls mount to the backside of your door or drawer front so only the front edge is visible with the door or drawer is closed. This provides functionality while maintaining a contemporary look.

Hardware Finishes

Hardware is best when it provides contrast and interest to the space. Your hardware should reflect your personal style. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, there is no rule that says all your metals have to match. In fact, mixing metals has become very popular. Black lighting with brass hardware, stainless steel appliances with black hardware, we’ve seen it all and we’re here for it. Let your personality shine through with your selection.

Hardware Sizing

Size matters when it comes to selecting hardware. Make sure your hardware doesn’t overlap the profile of your door or drawer front. As a general rule of thumb, the 1:3 ration works for drawer fronts when using pulls. This means your pull should be no larger than 1/3 the width of your drawer front. Below are some guidelines for hardware sizing.

Small Drawers that are 12” or less typically work best with a pull that is 3” to 4” long or a knob that is 1” in diameter.

Medium Drawers between 12” to 30” work well with a pull that is between 4” to 8” long or a knob that is between 1” to 1.5” in diameter

Large Drawers that are 30” to 48″ will require a pull that is longer than 8″ or a knob that is 1″ in diameter or greater. Using two pulls or knobs for a large drawer also works great.

We hope this has helped shed some light on your hardware selection.   You can browse our hardware selection by clicking here.  We can’t wait to see your pairings, tag us on Instagram @woodmarkcabinetry.