How to Mix Metals in Your Kitchen

When it comes to metals, kitchens used to be an all-matching zone. If you used chrome for your hardware, for example, then you’d want your faucet and your lights to be chrome, too. But as it turns out, opposites attract. “People now are mixing their metals in the kitchen and bathroom,” says Tracey Burrell-Combs, a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer with American Woodmark Cabinetry.

Ready to dive into some metal mixology? We’ve got a few tips — and a whole lot of inspiration.

Can’t decide between brushed nickel and antique brass hardware? Try these inspiring ideas for mixing metals in your kitchen.

Savannah Painted Stone
Savannah Painted Stone

Black, copper, and stainless steel

Light fixtures: Matte Black and Copper
Cabinet hardware: Matte Black
Fridge hardware: Black Slate
Sink Faucet: Stainless Steel
Door handles:  Matte Black
Why we love it: The stainless steel faucet is unexpected and adds an element of visual interest.
Pro-tip: For a bit of fun, try mixing shiny and matte finishes.


Gold, black, and bronze

Light fixtures: Gold and Matte Black
Cabinet hardware: Matte Black
Stove hardware: Base is Matte Black and Stainless Steel with Brushed bronze handle and knobs
Sink Faucet: Champagne Bronze

Why we love it: The brushed bronze knobs against the matte black of the stove adds a fun pop of color and accentuates the wood accents.
Pro-tip: Create contrast with small details. That way, you won’t overwhelm the space with your metal-mixing.


Brushed nickel, antique brass, and black

Wall light fixture: Brushed Nickel and Matte Black Shade
Pendant: Antique Brass and Bronze Industrial Bowl
Cabinet hardware: Matte Black
Fridge hardware: Stainless Steel
Sink Faucet: Matte Black

Why we love it: Because they offer a stunning contrast, the pendant lights become a centerpiece for the room.
Pro-tip: Light fixtures don’t have to match.

Copper, bronze, and black

Light fixtures: Copper Satin
Cabinet hardware: Verona Bronze
Fridge hardware: Stainless Steel
Sink Faucet: Matte Black

Why we love it: The matte black blends beautifully with the warm copper and bronze, which makes the space feel lighter and brighter.

Pro-tip: Choose one finish as the dominant finish, and use other finishes to complement it.

Brass, nickel, and bronze

Light fixtures: Natural Brass
Cabinet hardware: Satin Nickel
Bath hardware/tub: Champagne Bronze

Why we love it: The brass and champagne bronze create warmth and atmosphere in the space, which would be lacking if all the hardware was satin nickel.
Pro-tip: When it comes to fixtures and lighting, don’t mix more than three metals in a room.