How to Plan Your Kitchen to Fit Your Needs

Base Pot & Pan Organizer
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Will your kitchen be a space for entertaining or a family hangout? Do you view cooking as a chore or an adventure? Does your kitchen have to serve as a multifunctional space for kids and adults alike, or are you designing for an empty nest?

To help homeowners answer these kinds of questions, we’ve come up with five family “archetypes.” For each one, we’ve included a handful of design ideas and products to consider.

Read Below To Decide Which One You Are. (Feel Like You’re A Blend Of Several Different Ones? No Problem! Mix And Match Design And Product Ideas To Serve Your Needs.)

The Happy Host

You love to entertain and you love to feed your guests. Sometimes it’s planned. Other times, it’s impromptu. A highly organized, flexible space where you can both work and play is essential. You need clever solutions for easily storing all those dishes, fun pieces of servingware, and sets of cutlery. Because no guest should stay hungry for too long.

Brookland Maple Rye And Cherry Slate

Built-in Beverage Center

Deep Roll Out Drawers

Pullout Organizer

See all the organizational products that make hosting a snap!

The Adventurous Cook

This is a cook’s kitchen through and through, designed for testing recipes and having multiple dishes going at once. Workspace and efficient use of appliances is everything. You don’t mind a mess, but you’re in search of ingenious ideas for keeping ingredients, prep ware, and cookware equally accessible. It doesn’t hurt if clean-up is a snap too.

Appliance Garage

Appliance Garage



Base Pull Out Utensil Storage

Pullout Utensil Organizer

See all of the storage possibilities suited for a chef!

The Creative Baker

You binge-watch all the baking shows and love nothing more than practicing your own baking skills in the kitchen. Tins, trays, molds, pans, spices, spatulas: they are all tools of the trade and you need easy access (because you may not be able to look away from stirring the melting chocolate). Whether you’re rolling out a pastry crust or mixing up a three-layer cake, you need a space that helps you get your creations in and out of the oven, decorated, and enjoyed by your biggest fans.

Base Tray Divider Pull Out

Pullout Tray Divider

Corner Base Lazy Susan

Super Susan

Base Filler Pull Out

Pullout Spice Rack

See everything a baker needs to get organized!

The Mealtime Juggler

Most days, cooking feels like a sprint to the finish line. The leisurely days of flipping through recipes have been replaced by trying to feed your crew and clean up after them as efficiently as possible. You still want a kitchen that looks great. But function is always top of mind. No drawer can be wasted. No cabinet can be cluttered. You need a hardworking, purposeful space that makes your life easier.

Multi-Storage Cabinet

Tray Divider

Base Pot And Pan Organizer

Pullout Pot and Pan Organizer

Peg Dish Organizer And Scalloped Tray

Peg Dish Organizer

Great storage makes mealtimes easier--see all the possibilities!

The Family Hub

Meals aren’t just meals. They are come-together time. Cook-together time. Learn-together time. Your kitchen is a true family space, and needs to work for both little hands and big hands. You need ample preparation surfaces, no-nonsense storage solutions, easy access to snacks, and a great clean-up zone for the inevitable messes of life.

Wastebasket Pull Out

Two Bin Waste Basket

Small Appliance Cabinet And Roll Out Trays

Utility & Deep Rollout Tray

Deep Roll Out Trays

Rollout Pantry

See how our storage solutions can help you keep family life humming along!