What’s Your Style?

Let’s face it: renovating a home is hard. Especially when it comes to design. You want your space to reflect your personal style, but you may be unsure of where (or how!) to start. We’re here to help. Take our quiz to discover your style and see how you can bring it to life.


How do you want to feel when you enter a space in your home?

  • Cozy and inviting, a space that exudes warmth and charm.
  • Clean and streamlined, where everything feels centered and purposeful. 
  • Comfortable yet sophisticated, where everything feels curated. 
  • Relaxed and natural, where organic elements celebrate the outdoors. 

Which pieces of furniture do you gravitate towards the most?


Which style accents reflect your personality?


Which color palette would you choose for your space?


Which mood board of textures catches your eye?

Just One More Thing!

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