Project Timeline: From Vision To Completion

Along with the thrill of remodeling your space comes the tedious part of planning the project and, of course, sticking to your self-imposed deadlines and budget. Here’s our realistic version of a project duration to help you get an idea and create your own calendar.


Get Inspired

Timeframe: As Long As You Need

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Browse websites, social media, or magazines and save what speaks to you. Your space should be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.


Say Hello To Your Team

Timeframe: 1-2 weeks

Now comes the most crucial phase of the project. You meet with your designer and contractors to discuss your wants and needs, budget and goals. The designer may also create a rough kitchen design to align with your ideas, and give you a pre-estimate.


Measuring, Designing & Collaborating

Timeframe: 2-4 weeks

Time to set the wheels in motion! While you did the groundwork with rough measurements, the professionals step in and cover wall-to-wall, and inch-to-inch. The designers have heard your thoughts and will now show detailed drawings — types of cabinets desired, drawers, accessories, and everything in between.  This is when you will also sign your design documents and construction agreements.


Order Your Cabinets, Appliances, And Fixtures

Timeframe: 3-6 weeks

Now that the designs are final, go ahead and order your cabinets. The lead time for cabinets depends on the design, material, and production of the cabinetry. And while they are being finished in our workshops, make good of this time and order your appliances, decorative accents, and all the other elements that will make your new space.


Time To Install The Showpiece: Cabinets

Timeframe: 1-3 weeks

It’s showtime folks! The star of your remodel project is here and it’s time to get them in their designated spots. Fingers crossed, they will fit in like a glove. And now is also the time your countertops (and backsplash) will start making an appearance. Remember, the countertops will be measured and fabricated only after the cabinets are fully installed.


The Final Finishing Touches

Timeframe: 2-3 weeks

Congratulations! Your cabinets are here. However, there may be areas in the construction zone that may need a touch-up post all the installations.  Do a final walkthrough with the contractor to ensure that everything is in place and to your satisfaction. Then, crack open a bubbly — share a glass with your expert team, family, and friends. Sit back and savor in your space.

Connect With A Designer Now

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