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Explore our options available in Painted, Maple, Cherry, and Duraform® to set the scene for your new space.


Painted Finishes

Our Painted colors let you make a space that’s bright and airy, dark and moody, or anything in between. They are made with a combination of hardwoods and engineered materials like medium and high density fiberboards. While this creates a smooth and consistent look, visible features like joint lines are expected with this finish as wood expands and contracts.  Ultimately, that only adds to the charm of our painted colors.


Maple Finishes

Our Maple stains bring a natural beauty to any space. An exceptionally hard and dense wood, Maple has finely grained lines and an even texture. Over time, the stain will mildly mellow to give each door a true one-of-a-kind style that will maintain its look for years to come.

Cherry Finishes

The richness of Cherry will give every room a touch of elegance. A close-grained, multicolored wood, Cherry doors have pin knots and other variations that look like curls and waves. Its color darkens over time which makes the uniqueness of its wood shine through for a bold statement.

The Charm Of Cherry Wood

While all woods are sensitive to light, Cherry is more delicate and perceptive to the changes, and undergoes a fascinating transformation. The beauty of this hardwood is that it typically deepens and mellows as it is exposed to any source of light, including the light bulbs in your house.

Duraform® Finishes

Extremely durable and long-lasting, our Duraform® finishes stand up to whatever you throw their way. They are made by bonding foils and coatings to composite wood, which gives them a consistent finish and makes them highly resistant to humidity, warping, heat, and fading. Plus, they’re very easy to clean.


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