Refreshing Blues And Greens

Celebrating colors and tones found in nature are a great way to make a bold statement and bring the outdoors into your space.  Blue and Green cabinetry does just that and adds the perfect pop to any space.


Blue And Green Cabinets

The design opportunities with colored cabinets are endless. Here are some of our favorite door styles in blue and green finishes.

Top Tips To Use This Trend

Tie In With Countertops

Countertops play a big part when designing with colorful cabinetry. Keep it sleek and clean with lighter marbles, tie it in with colorful veining, or make a moody statement with dark countertops.

Warm Up With Wood Tones

There's no better way to warm up organic spaces than by adding wood tones. Contrast blue and green cabinetry with light to mid-range stains that balance the space and create an organic oasis.

Add A Pop With Wallpaper

While neutral walls complement bold blue and green cabinetry, wallpaper can also make a statement. Have fun with color and let your personality shine with patterns that speak to you.

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