A Do-It-All Multi-Purpose Space

Our homes now work harder than ever before, so we expect more out of each room.  Why compromise between an office and a guest room when you can have both?  With a little creativity and help from your clever designer, your home can be beautiful while meeting all your functionality needs.

Multi-Purpose Space Styles

While beautiful kitchens and bathrooms will always have our hearts, our cabinetry works throughout the whole home to create beautiful and functional living spaces.

Multi-Purpose Space Styles

Our Favorite 2-In-1 Spaces

Hardworking Laundry & Pet Space

Doing laundry wouldn't be such a chore in this space.  Add a pet space to your laundry room to keep your home tidy.  Food and pet washing stations keep the mess out of the kitchen and bathroom while providing your furry friend with a space all their own.

Double Duty Guest Room-Office

Need a work-from-home space but don't want to give up your guest bedroom?   You don't have to.  Combine the two with clever storage and a hide-away Murphy bed that folds up when not in use and looks like a built-in.

Tidy Garden And Mudroom Space

We love fresh flowers and veggies, but we don't love the dirty boots and hands that go along with them.  A mudroom with added sink and drop zone is the perfect combination.   Kick off those boots, wash up veggies, and trim up flowers all before entering the main part of your home.