An Office To Fit Any Space

We’re here to show that anyone can have a home office – whether you have a large, dedicated room, or very limited space! Don’t let limited space intimidate you, all you need is a living room nook, bedroom corner, or dining room annex, and a few American Woodmark cabinets! Voila! In no time, you’ll have an office you’ll be excited to walk to every morning in your most comfortable pajamas!

Large office for one, please

Let’s start with those of you that have those large, dedicated rooms for a home office. You can easily have the best of both worlds, a beautiful office, and plenty of functionality. Consider adding a fun wallpaper for all those Zoom calls, and a Cutlery Divider Kit for organized office storage.

Adelaide Painted Mist


Room for Two…Three…or Four

For those with plenty of space and who are working and learning remotely, this office has ample seating and plenty of storage. When space is no issue, it’s easy to build everyone their very own workstation. You can tuck away printers, cables, batteries, and extra reams of paper easily with this stacked storage. Turn chaos into efficiency by creating a workspace that lets you do it all.

San Mateo Duraform® Harbor

Small Workspace, Big Impact

Not every home is equipped with an extra, empty room to install a home office, right? Small workspaces can have a big impact and still be just as beautiful and functional. Maximize efficiency by bringing your work into your busiest space with an office close by!

Brookland Maple Latte and Painted Navy

Turn a small nook into a place for you to keep an eye on homework time while making dinner. Add some fun to the space with a bold wallpaper!

Savannah Painted Navy and Painted Harbor

These multi-purpose spaces can seamlessly transition into a quiet place for you to pay bills and plan your day, while still being close to all the things.


Hanover Painted Linen and Maple Rye

Try thinking outside the box and utilizing space at the top of the stairs to make the perfect workspace! Goodbye dead space – hello productivity!

Hanover Maple Truffle

At American Woodmark, we can help you create a beautiful office of any size that fits all your needs. Schedule your free design appointment today to get started!

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No matter where you are in the renovation process, quickly find what you need to get your project completed for less than you might have imagined.

Define Your Style

Make It Work