Two-Toning Your Space

Two-tone kitchens have really grown in popularity the last few years, and that trend doesn’t appear to be diminishing anytime soon. Multiple finishes help create zones and add visual interest to your space. At American Woodmark, our finishes are developed to blend and complement each other to make creating multi-tone spaces a breeze!

The Painted Duo

When it comes to the two-tone trend, painted cabinetry is often used. Our Painted Navy finish creates contrast when paired with the classic white of our Painted Linen, creating that perfect pop of color. Incorporating a warmer wood tone in flooring and shelving adds coziness to the space.


Leesburg Painted Navy and Painted Linen

Mixing Materials

Two-tone spaces don’t have to be with just painted cabinetry, though! Mixing materials can also add interest to the space. Duraform Espresso provides a dark, contemporary backdrop that allows the warmth of our Maple Cognac finish to shine. This unexpected combination creates a modern look when paired with lighter countertops, flooring, and stainless-steel appliances.

Leesburg Duraform Espresso and Maple Cognac

A Stain and Paint Pair

We’ve all heard of the naturalistic design that’s taking interiors by storm. Our Maple Rye paired with our Painted Linen creates that open, organic feel. These muted tones with lighter floors and countertops invite light and brightness in. Anchor these finishes with black appliances and hardware to really ground the space.

Westerly Maple Rye and Painted Linen

Find Your Two-Tone Style

Using two finishes can turn a simple kitchen into something stylish and unexpected while making the space feel larger. There are many ways to incorporate multiple finishes into your space:

  • Focal Point Split: Highlighting an island or specific work zone, makes a bold statement and adds visual interest.
  • Horizontal Split: This technique creates separation when dark base cabinets are paired with lighter wall cabinets. This combination opens the space making it feel lighter and brighter.
  • Color Blocking: Color blocking creates distinct areas to give small spaces a dynamic feel and make a strong impact.

Focal Point Split

Savannah Painted Navy & Painted Harbor

Horizontal Split

Macarthur Painted Harbor & Maple Slate

Color Blocking

Hanover Painted Linen & Maple Rye

Choosing Your Finishes

Our finishes are formulated to work together and complement each other, making your selection process easy and stress-free! However, if you still want some additional inspiration, here are some common looks that we see created:

  • Contrasting Finishes: Create a striking look with a bold pop of color in any space.
  • Monochromatic Tones: Like tones add variety while remaining cohesive.
  • Natural Hues: Warm wood tones bring a sense of calm and peacefulness to any space.
  • Color & Texture: Create both interest and dimension when mixing colors and textures.

Don’t Forget the Details!

When using multiple finishes, it’s important to have elements that tie the space together to complete the look. Hardware is a great way to make a statement and unify the space. In two-tone kitchens, we recommend using matching hardware throughout. Natural flooring and accent tile can complete the look and let your personality shine through!

With American Woodmark, it’s easy to create the perfect two-toned look. We’re here to help, so you can spend less time planning your space, and more time enjoying it. Schedule your free design appointment today to get started!

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