Island Paradise

Dreaming of the islands? Us too… kitchen islands, of course! Islands have become an essential feature for most kitchen remodels, and they are not just for meal prep anymore. They now serve as the dinner table, extra storage, home office, a place to manage homework and a social gathering spot while entertaining guests. It’s easy to see why the kitchen island is now seen as the command central of any home.

Large Island, Lots of Storage

According to a recent Houzz survey, kitchen islands are growing with almost half of the islands installed today measuring over 7 feet! This island’s size is hard to ignore, it has plenty of seating on the front and plenty of storage in the back. The contrasting Maple Rye finish adds warmth and a naturalistic element to this contemporary space.

Hanover Painted Linen and Maple Rye

Love the idea of a kitchen island, but prefer to have more drawer storage in your kitchen? You can knock both things off your list by adding drawer cabinets to your kitchen island!

Westerly Painted Vanilla and Maple Truffle

Seeing Double

The double island trend is growing in popularity and isn’t just for those with large kitchens. Double islands allow you to create zones for meal prep and dining/work areas. They break up the monotony in your kitchen layout, and they also add visual interest to open layouts. Depending on your floor plan, two small islands may work better than one large island!

Westerly Painted Navy

Functionality at Every Angle

This island takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. Not only does it have plenty of space for meal prep, but it also has open storage along the back for quick access to frequently used items, and a dinner table built right in. A recent National Kitchen and Bath Association trend report states that 60% of homeowners now eat at their kitchen island, instead of a dining room table.

Leesburg Duraform Espresso and Maple Cognac

At American Woodmark, we have all the products you need to create your very own island paradise! Schedule your free design appointment today to get started!

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