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Kitchens are the heart of the home, and most times, they are also the center of every holiday party, family gathering, and memory. If you love to entertain and are playing around with the idea of a remodel, we have the products to create that perfect entertainment space.

Open for Entertainment

This open-layout kitchen checks all the entertainment boxes. The perfect built-in sideboard for food set-up, a large island for guests to gather around, plenty of storage for platters, and a wet bar for mixing cocktails.

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Savannah Painted Navy and Painted Harbor

Consider the different work zones you’ll need in your space, as those will have an impact on how functional, convenient, and comfortable your space is. Here are some commonly used work zones:



Generally comprised of food storage in the refrigerator or pantry area.



A large countertop space will give the cook(s) ample space to prepare dishes. It’s usually situated close to the cleaning zone for easy access to the sink



This zone is where you'll find the sink, dishwasher, and drying area.



This space is where all the magic happens and includes the stove, oven, and a landing zone for ingredients.



A multi-functional zone does double duty. You can easily set up a serving area for food and use the storage for plates, glasses, and special serving trays.

Beverage Stations

Small space? A beverage station can be just as functional for entertaining and doesn’t require a lot of room. This beverage station has floating shelves to showcase your favorite selections, beverage fridges to keep drinks at just the right temperature, and plenty of cabinets for storing mixers and spirits. Add a fun, bold wallpaper for an added pop!

Reading Duraform Drift and Painted Black

A Bar Built Just For You

Are you struggling to find space in your current home for that much-needed bar area? Consider converting a closet to create your very own private bar area. Using cabinetry, floating shelves, some bold backsplashes, and a beverage fridge can really pull together that personalized bar space & the perfect spot to unwind after a long day.

Hanover Cherry Clove

Whether you’re looking to remodel your whole kitchen, or just looking to add a bar area or beverage station, American Woodmark has everything you need to create your next favorite space. Schedule your free design appointment today to get started!

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No matter where you are in the renovation process, quickly find what you need to get your project completed for less than you might have imagined.

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