Perfect Pantries

Often overlooked, a pantry can make a huge difference in your space! The lockdown during the pandemic changed the way we all shop. We’re doing larger shops, less often, and the need for additional storage space has become a necessity. While the lockdown may have lifted, our shopping habits have remained, making working pantries one of the top 3 emerging trends of 2023 (according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association). With American Woodmark – you can create the perfect pantry for your kitchen, no matter the space restraints!

A Walk-In Dream

A walk-in pantry is the ultimate goal, am I right? Who wouldn’t want an eye-catching pantry like this one? Perfect for keeping small appliances tucked away, dry goods and inventories stocked, this space truly has it all. Open storage makes the space feel large and gives a pleasing aesthetic, while there’s plenty of space to hide the clutter.

Shorebrook Painted Vanilla and Maple Latte

Mid-Size Transition

While a walk-in pantry may be preferred, you may not have the space to go quite that elaborate, and that’s okay! Maybe your perfect spot is utilizing transitional space between the kitchen and dining room to create this perfect butler’s pantry! This allows for storage of food, small appliances, serving trays and dishes. Drawer storage can increase the amount of organization in a mid-size space, providing even more of that needed functionality.

Reading Painted Linen and Painted Boulder

No Space, No Problem

When dedicated space is not an option, there are ways to still get the pantry functionality you need! Consider using a tall utility cabinet with some interior organization options added, like roll-out trays. This saves your limited space and gives you all the functionality you need. You’ll still have plenty of room for wine, spices, small appliance storage, serving utensil organization, baking and dry good storage.

San Mateo Duraform® Linen

No matter the size of your space, with American Woodmark, you can get the pantry functionality you are looking for. Schedule your free design appointment today to get started!

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